First Session: 2 hours – Allows sufficient time for a consultation regarding the basis for the session, time to gather information about where and why the concern is manifesting (in a way that does not involve linear thinking or explanations) then approxiately an hour of energy work, with a brief wrap-up consultation.

We are coming to the understanding that everything is a form of energy, even our thoughts and our beliefs. Our thoughts and beliefs, as vibrational energy, are not right or wrong, but they may be effecting our lives in ways that no longer serve us, that keep us from living our best lives now. The form of energy healing facilitation offered:
• Gets right to the heart of the matter with respect to identifying and working on thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you 

• Is a subtle vibrational energy technique aimed at facilitating your greatest state of well-being

• Works directly with your human energy system, activating and creating potential for optimal energy and health 

• Works specifically on vibrational energy patterns that are connected to limiting beliefs held in your body’s organs, glands and at the cellular level, as well as in your chakras. 

• Provides insight to the ways in which your limiting beliefs have been effecting your health and mental well-being and specific but simple tools for facilitating shifts in the old patterns and allowing for moving past limiting beliefs and patterns

• Facilitates the release of patterns that no longer serve you that have been impacting your physical health, your mental health and/or your spiritual well-being

• Produces profound healing results