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Come join us on this special weekend in
 Cannon Beach.

The amazing art from Donna Disch will be on display. Donna is a multi media artist working in many materials including hand sculpted ceramics and paint.

Before I create any artwork, whether it is a painting or ceramic sculpture, the essence of my creation dwells within in me for some time.  I work on it in a cerebral and spiritual way before production ever begins.  I am driven by the need to take it from within to without.  It's almost like being haunted.  If I don't create it, it sits inside howling to be formed; to go from an ethereal to a more physical existence.

As I work, I love to let my art create itself.  As I mentioned, there is a sort of spiritual component and as I bring the pieces from within, another energy always shows up in a playful sense, insisting on participating. If I hold on too tight, my final piece is too tight.  If I embrace this symbiotic relationship, both flourish and flow showing up in my creations. I love to work with these elements.

I design in a variety of materials, often using recycle materials including paper bags and recycled clay.

Fire?  Fire is alive!  Whether it is warming and welcoming, or a demon of destruction, it is alive.  It is intriguing as it represents raw, untamed passion and beauty in all its forms.  In another chapter of my life, I explored all sides of fire from public policy to education and prevention, though not always in my own voice.  My art leads the way for my own voice, as it has been, always.

"If humanity does not opt for integrity we are through completely...Each one of us make the difference" - Buckminster Fuller

~ Donna Disch
Stormy Weather 
Art Festival
November 7th - 9th
Donna Disch
Come visit with Donna , enjoy some appetizers and refreshments